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    Airlaid technology from CAMPEN – 30 years of experience

    CAMPEN has over 30 years of experience with developing and supplying complete airlaid lines and machinery to most product areas of the nonwoven industry. Based on our process and machinery know-how, we design airlaid machinery that ensures a flexible, efficient and energy-saving production. We are able to supply different types of airlaid lines and combinations for the production of basic materials for soft and absorbent disposable products for the following industries and applications:

    • Packaging and food applications
    • Hygiene and personal care
    • Medical applications and packaging
    • Napkins and tablecloths
    • Wet and dry wipes
    • Industrial wipes
    • Air and liquid filters
    • Geotextiles
    • Airlaid process combinations with other drylaid forming technology

    Our main focus is to guide and consult our customers on business development towards a more efficient, cost-friendly production which meets the market’s growing demand for sustainable products.

    Watch our short video with examples of airlaid machinery that CAMPEN can offer

    CAMPEN offers airlaid machinery for a flexible, efficient and energy-saving airlaid production

    New invention within airlaid machines: less plastic – more sustainability

    One of our latest innovative solutions is a new type of forming head which can process complex fibers, such as recycling fibers, with use of less energy at high-capacity and high line speed.

    >> See more about our new forming head here

    High-capacity airlaid production with reduced energy consumption

    Thorough testing of CAMPEN’s new forming technology shows that it requires 45% less process air and filter system and uses 55% less energy than existing former heads, and will thus generate substantial savings for years to come!

    >> See more about our new forming head here

    Low energy airlaid machine for fiberization of fibers

    Also, our new hammer mill / defibrator with a unique design lowers the general energy consumption compared to existing hammer mill solutions. To further reduce the energy consumption, the new CAMPEN defibrator has a highly energy-efficient, fixed beater rotor. It therefore ensures a cost-efficient fiberization process while also minimizing practical challenges concerning noise reduction. The hammer mill can handle several different pulp types with the same high quality and fiberization result.

    >> Read more about our new hammer mill here

    Airlaid production with complex fibers can be made possible with CAMPEN’s new forming technology

    The new CAMPEN hammer mill ensures a cost-efficient fiberization process

    Produce sustainable airlaid products from complex fibers

    The cutting-edge forming head can process natural and man-made fibers from 1.5 to 18 mm in fiber length, such as bicomponent fibers, PP/PET/viscose fiber blends as well as recycling fibers from textiles, wood pulp and natural fibers.

    Test before you invest!

    CAMPEN customers can test their innovative ideas and products with the groundbreaking forming technology at CAMPEN’s new pilot test facilities in Denmark. Besides access to state-of-the-art fiberization and forming technology, customers receive guidance and counseling from CAMPEN’s Airlaid Specialist Jens Erik Thordahl ensuring that their inventive ideas become a reality!

    >> Learn more about our forming technology

    >> Learn more about our noise-reduced and cost-effective hammer mill / defiberator

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    in your production.
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